As we wave goodbye to 2023 and gear up for an electrifying 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the past year’s trends in sync licensing. This insight will be our secret weapon to conquer the sync world in the coming year!

2023: A Year of Melodic Nostalgia and Bold Sounds

This year, I spotted some standout trends:

  1. Funk-Inspired Music: A blend of classic and modern funk vibes were heavily featured – especially when infused into Pop, R&B, and Hip Hop genres.
  2. Retro Vibes: The ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s made a big comeback, split between true retro and modern twists.
  3. Brass Arrangements: The warmth of brass, especially live horns, resonated in many projects, showcasing the power of real instruments.
  4. Vocalese and Background Vocals: Vocalese is attractive because it gives a human element to a spot without having lyrics compete with the narration. Tip: When appropriate, try adding a BGV or vocalese-only mix to your submissions
  5. Trailerized Vibes: Interestingly, I saw the the cinematic feel used in a lot of non-trailer syncs: ads, TV shows, and promos. This trend is here to stay.

2024 Predictions: A Symphony of Global Rhythms and Evergreen Genres

Looking ahead, sync opens up to more genres and variety:

  1. Afrobeats Time: It hasn’t happened yet but I think sync will catch up to the rest of the industry and embrace the domination of Afrobeats. It will likely replace tropical pop and reggae in sync.
  2. Amapiano – The New Hybrid: This Afrobeats-House fusion is perfect for sync. It faces some sampling challenges, but easy-clear, sample-free tracks will stand out.
  3. Latin Music Explosion: With a 986% increase in Spotify listeners since 2014 (MBW), Latin Music is soaring! Expect a surge in requests for Reggaeton, Bachata, Cumbia Urbana, and Merengue Urbana. [insert image of Latin Music twitter post here]
  4. Hip Hop and Pop’s Steady Reign: Still the most requested genres and showing no signs of slowing down. As pop is becoming more and more hip-hop influenced, you’ll see both genres being listed on the same briefs.
  5. Country Music Gets a Turn: Historically underrepresented in sync, Country music is gaining momentum, especially with feel-good, upbeat tracks. You’re gonna hear a lot of this in truck ads.

Remember, the sync licensing world is vast and diverse. Embrace your unique strengths, as there’s a place for every genre in this exciting industry.

Let’s make 2024 a year of incredible sync successes!