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Super Sync Songwriting - Survey Pt III

Okay, we got it. Thanks. We’ll be in touch.

That’s the end of the survey. One more thing that’s purely optional, this isn’t part of the survey.

I have lots of raving fans, but since the Super Sync Songwriting system is brand new, I don’t have any testimonial letters from any of my raving fans.

Perhaps you could help me out with a testimonial for the songwriting content you’ve seen on my social media or even in the Sync 101 course. It doesn’t have to be too involved. Here are a couple of examples:

“Eric, this has been so helpful. I’ve been using your system to write songs and my sync agent LOVES what I’ve been turning in.”
Missy Daniels
Chicago, IL

“This is a game changer for me Eric. I really didn’t understand why my songs weren’t getting placed but now I really understand that choosing the right theme makes the difference.”
Jeff Feldman
New York, NY

“A lot of people have told me to pitch my songs but you’re the first person to show my how to know WHICH songs are better to pitch. Thank you.”
Saul Graham
Los Angeles, CA

Can you give me a testimonial about my sync songwriting system?

If you do, it may appear on the web page attributed to your name and city.