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SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is all the rage in website design and blog marketing. It helps writers ensure that their content is easily discoverable.

I have found that SEO concepts can also help our music get discovered in sync licensing – leading to more sync placements. In this article, I’ll show you six ways to apply SEO to your music – without sacrificing your creative integrity.

Crafting Catchy Song Titles

The first step to getting noticed in the world of sync licensing is to choose song titles that grab the attention of music supervisors. When your song titles resonate with the themes of popular search queries, you increase your chances of being discovered. For example, I recently spoke with the music supervisor for Fortnite and he shared that he picked the song Run It Up from Bas, for the Battle Royale trailer, partly because of the title. The title is a clever way to say “Let’s Get It” which is a popular theme in trailers. Plus, there’s a lot of ‘running’ in the trailer so the double meaning works well.

Leveraging SEO-Friendly Lyrics

Consider weaving commonly searched terms into your song lyrics. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of your music aligning with frequently requested sync briefs. This approach can help your songs appear more frequently in search results, as they contain keywords that match the criteria set by music supervisors. While maintaining creative freedom is crucial, strategically incorporating SEO-friendly phrases can make your music more discoverable.

Optimizing Metadata

Metadata is at the heart of SEO for sync licensing. It allows your songs to be discovered based on their tempo, emotional content, and lyrical subject matter. When crafting metadata for your music, ensure that it is accurate, descriptive, and rich with relevant keywords. This makes it easier for music supervisors to find your tracks when they are searching for the right sound for their projects.

“Metadata is effectively SEO (search engine optimisation) for your tracks, and also works as an incredibly useful catalogue management tool.”

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Inserting SEO into Your Emails

When sending your music to music supervisors or sync agencies, don’t overlook the power of SEO in your communication. Include keywords in your email subject lines and content to help supervisors find your music easily when they search their inboxes. For instance, if you specialize in cinematic compositions, use keywords like “Epic Cinematic Score” or “Trailerized Version” to increase the chances of your email being noticed.

Improving Your Online Presence and Branding

Building a strong online presence can also impact your sync licensing success. A well-optimized website and social media profiles can help music supervisors find you. Make sure your website is SEO-friendly with relevant content. And, make sure your social media profiles showcase your music and not just your personal experiences. Cat videos are great, but you’ve got 15 seconds to demonstrate your talent to every new visitor on your profile. Don’t waste it.

Don’t Sacrifice Creativity

While SEO techniques can significantly boost your visibility in the sync licensing world, never compromise the quality and creativity of your music. Originality is key. Your music should resonate with your audience and provide a unique emotional connection. Incorporating SEO is about enhancing discoverability, not diluting your creative expression.


Applying SEO techniques to your songwriting and music marketing efforts is a powerful strategy to secure more sync placements. This can be done by crafting catchy song titles, writing SEO-friendly lyrics, optimizing metadata, incorporating SEO into your email outreach, and maintaining a strong online presence.

Remember, while SEO is essential for discoverability, your creativity and originality are what will truly captivate the hearts of music supervisors and enhance your sync licensing journey. So, keep the balance between SEO and artistic expression to give yourself the best chances at securing your sync licensing career.

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