Benefits and Perks

  • Twice Monthly Coaching & Strategy Sessions  – Together we will come up with achievable goals and plan for generating sync placements (customized based on your unique talents and circumstance). These bi-weekly group sessions will serve as a checkpoint to help you stay on task, answer any questions you may have and address any problems that you encounter as you execute the plan.


  • 1 Monthly Exclusive Listening Session – In addition to the regular group listening sessions, Winner’s Circle will get an exclusive listening session held during the last week of the month. You can present music that is completed or in progress for objective feedback. (And remember, in the regular group listening sessions, Patreon members are always bumped to the front of the line.)


  • Additional Sync Rep Opportunities – Winner’s Circle members can submit songs to sus3 Music for sync rep at anytime (whether a brief is posted or not) (up to 3 songs per week)


  • Access to a Private Group for exclusive communication and additional feedback – Winner’s Circle members will have access to a private group on where you can submit questions and also post songs for direct feedback from me (up to one song a week).


  • Opportunity more Personalized Coaching – Each member is entered into Monthly Raffle for an hour of 1-on-1 consulting time / strategy session ($225 value)


What’s the cost for all of this?


Well, if you know me, you know I value my time most of all and I’m giving away a LOT of time to this group.

I will see us ALL win!!!


Since I charge $225 for an hour of consulting time, the value of this group is probably around $199/mo


But, I want to keep this at a price that is achievable for most of us.


So, the price that feels right to me is $99/mo


I’ll evaluate this as we go but that feels right for the value that I will deliver with this group. A cheap cost for having your life changed.




Since we’re still in our first year,  I’m going to make a crazy offer for those who jump in now.


If you click on the Patreon link and join the Winner’s Circle Level now, you can sign up for just $49/mo.


Yep. All benefits included at $49/mo.


In addition… I’ll honor this rate for at least a year. Yep. That means even if I raise the price for new members, you’ll remain at $49/mo for at least a year after your signup date.


The Winner’s Circle group has been mostly full since it launched.  When a spot opens, it’s usually taken right away.

Click on the link below to check the Patreon site to see if any spots are currently available.  Be sure you’re looking at tier that says The Winner’s Cirle (Phase II).


Click on this link to go to our Patreon page.


People’s lives are being changed.  Don’t be left out. Let me help you set some bold goals and then let me help you achieve them.