In a recent Clubhouse event, we got a great question during the Q&A. The question was “When you start getting sync placements and it seems like things are coming together, what are some things you can do to keep it going and even grow it?” I gave an off the cuff answer but I’ve been thinking about it more ever since.

Here on my thoughts on growth. We’re all entrepreneurs at some level, we’re trying to grow our business. Your business may always be one person or it may grow to a large company with employees but, regardless, securing a constant flow of placement (income) requires that we think of ourselves as a business. Every business has to focus on growth in four areas:

Core Skill / Product – This is what comes naturally to us – for sync, this is our production or songwriting skill. It also includes engineering, maybe graphic design and, these days, even video production) We’re always learning and developing new skills to stay competitive and contemporary.

Network – It’s a cliche now, but “your network is your net worth” still holds true. Growing income requires opportunities and the more qualified people that you know, the more opportunities that can come your way.

Branding – This is an area that too few of us pay attention to. While your network concerns who you know. Branding involves what those people think about you. It doesn’t matter if you know the CEO’s of every major ad agency if those people don’t think that you are the most amazing creative they’ve ever met. This is why I’m so bullish on Tik Tok. Tik Tok allows me to control the narrative. I get to tell people who I am.

Sales – Pitching our Music – This is the area that triggers the most fear and procrastination in many of us (me included). Why? Because this is where we can be rejected. This is where we can be made to feel insecure. But look at the glass the other way. This is where our dreams can come true. 100 people can tell you no. But if just one says yes, and it’s the right one, your life can change.

So, the takeaway – if you want to grow your sync career – you have to continuously focus on these four areas. Learn as much as you can about each. And make sure you’re taking regular action on each one.